On our quest to bring you the most nutritious and delicious food bars around, the Freyda’s Pantry team have been travelling the globe to unearth the most precious new natural ingredients, to make our family food bars even better.

Among our new additions are superfoods Quinoa, Maca, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries – all specially selected to powerpack even more nutrition into your bars.

So why have we made the change? All our family food bars are based on an ancient Eastern recipe, using oats and seeds native to the Eastern world. The blend has helped countless families in India and Asia, but as we share more knowledge from other cultures across the world, we believe we can make our bars even better. Think of it as a little bit of love from family kitchens all around the world, stirred up into our Freyda’s Pantry global melting pot!

So what will these new ingredients do? Each of them is a natural remedy used for centuries around the world. Maca hails from South America where it’s considered a superfood and traditionally used to support fertility in both men and women.
Quinoa – pronounced Keen-wah – is a super healthy whole grain and the only carb source that contains all nine essential amino acids. Originally grown in Peru, it’s high in lysine, the chief amino acid that’s responsible for healing muscles after exercise, plus it’s packed with minerals, including iron, phosphorous, manganese and copper. And on top of this, it’s also full of fibre, which may help you feel fuller longer and improve insulin control by slowing down the rate of sugar is released into your bloodstream.

Chia is the ancient Mayan word for ‘strength’ and the seeds were an essential part of the Aztec and Mayan diets. Now tiny Chia Seeds are becoming popular with modern families interested in healthy eating, as they pack a big nutritional punch! Not only are they composed of 20 per cent vegan-friendly protein, they’re also rich in fibre and good Omega-3 fats, including Omega-3 ALA which is known to be essential for a healthy heart by lowering cholesterol while maintaining proper artery function.

And highly prized Goji Berries are found in the Himalayas, where they have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support fertility. Modern dieticians favour them as a rich source of antioxidants.

How have you found the ingredients? We’ve worked with a top nutritionist to bring you the optimum blends to benefit busy families. Whether you’re trying to conceive, are already pregnant, breastfeeding or leading a busy, modern life – we have the perfect bar to boost your energy and your health. As with all our ingredients, every single nut, berry and seed is ethically sourced and organic where possible. And most importantly, as mums ourselves, we want to help other families, so we always pay fair prices and support good working conditions for our farmers, wherever they are in the world.

So will your favourite bar taste any different? With all these tasty extra ingredients (at no extra cost), we think they taste even better. Why not try a bar and tell us? The new Freyda’s Feeding Food and Freyda’s Fertile Food are on sale now – and they’ll be joined by the latest addition to our family, called Freyda’s Supercharged Food, on February 1.

Happy munching and we hope you enjoy!

Sharon and the Freyda’s Pantry team x

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