WE THINK our bars are brilliant – but don’t just take our word for it! From top midwives to maternity nurses to mums, everyone’s talking about freida’s Feeding Food and freida’s Fertile Food.

Here’s what they have to say. And if you’d like to add your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you, so please email us at hello@freydapantry.com

“Both Harry and I absolutely LOVED them, I found them particularly yummy & nutritious to snack on as breastfeeding makes me so hungry! Congratulations on your yummy bars and thank you for looking after all the new parents!”

Izzy Judd

Wife of Harry Judd (Drummer in McFly)

“Our mums really find these bars help their milk.”

Neighbour Midwives

UK Birth Centres

“These bars were delicious and so convenient to have at hand when missing meals with new baby. Loved the mix of the textures, chewy yet crunchy. As for increasing supply it worked a treat. For the first time ever I woke up feeling so full I was wishing the baby to wake so I could feed him. I will be buying these to put in every new baby care bundle for friends who are expecting from now on.”

Laura G

“Your bars certainly do what it says on the wrapper. Definitely helped with my milk flow and I will recommend to my breastfeeding friends”

Sarah G, Ireland

“I was quite surprised at how this bar worked. I had one in the afternoon and the following morning even my less productive breast was full and I think that because of this my baby got enough at each feed that she fed less times that day.”

Lisa V

“I’ve tried a few bars but I am really impressed with freida’s Feeding Food  as I was looking to increase my milk supply. I will be placing my order today!”

Alison M

“Need to reorder again I’m addicted! I don’t reach for the chocolate bars and defo have lots more energy and supply. I’m not a poster or reviewer usually but have been very impressed!”

Kerrie S

“During my work with breastfeeding mothers, I find myself constantly talking about eating well. Maintaining a good milk supply and keeping energy levels up, whilst leading a busy life as a new mother, is not easy. I have recently come across breastfeeding food bars by freida’s Pantry. These small nut and seed bars have ingredients which contain vitamins and minerals to help with low energy levels and galactogogues, which may help induce lactation. Have them alongside a healthy diet. Perfect any time of the day.”

Gillian Stewart

Norland Consultant Maternity Nurse and Baby Expert

“I received my order today and just eaten my first bar. Delicious! I’ve decided to replace my afternoon treat of chocolate hobnobs with these instead and have made another order.”


Norland Consultant Maternity Nurse and Baby Expert

“I’m used to using fenugreek tablets daily to help my milk supply. But I tried changing to the freida’s Feeding Food bars and yep they worked! I am impressed! So swapping fenugreek tablets for these bars. Way to go guys  -one happy customer!’

Maru B

“Just found your bars and one word – Delicious! Will definitely be ordering more.”

Jenny W

“As a breastfeeding counsellor, galactogogues are something that I’ve researched previously and I know that oats and fennel do work for me for enhancing milk production. So it seems likely that these bars would do the trick, just as they say they do! I’ve noticed that my energy levels are better after eating them too. They’re small, but packed full of nutritious and busy-mum-friendly ingredients, slim enough to slip into a pocket or bag and brightly coloured enough to locate easily in amongst all the other stuff that somehow accumulates there. Frieda’s Feeding Bars have come in very handy, I’m sticking with them!”

Lauren G

“I’m tucking into one of your bars – what a great idea for breastfeeding mums and they are delicious too! Even my toddler daughter loves them. I like the aniseed taste from the fennel seeds. I will be buying some for a friend too, to put in her new mum gift! I wish you all the best with the future.”

Angela T

“They’re delicious and much better than a normal cereal bar, especially for us BFing mamas as they taste amazing!”


“freida’s Pantry make bars that not only increase your milk supply but are easy to toss in your bag and eat on the go. When I read the ingredients and I saw fennel I honestly thought I’d hate the bars but they are actually quite tasty and most importantly they work! I’ve been lucky to have a fairly good supply but the bars have helped me keep that up even when I’m stressed and busy.”


Mummy Blogger Transatlantic Blonde

“Well oh my they are lovely. They are the same size as a chocolate bar so you can chuck it in your changing bag and take it with you when you’re out and about. They taste a bit like aniseed which I love and apparently that’s the fennel in the mixture which encourages lactation!”

Hannah J

Mummy Blogger Hannah Says

“I had pre-eclampsia and my baby was born a month early due to complications. He was underweight and didn’t have a sucking reflex, I wasn’t producing milk and even the hospital staff were struggling to get him to feed on formula. My husband bought me some of your bars and within a few days I seemed to have more milk and he was feeding well and gaining weight. He’s now very healthy and loves his milk and I have been able to exclusively breast feed him, so thank you.”


South-West London

“I work full time in a demanding job and have three children. I’m on call so my hours are unpredictable and I don’t always eat a great diet. But thanks to freida’s Feeding Food I’ve been able to breastfeed my youngest two for over a year each. I’ve found the bar fills me up and stops me snacking on unhealthy junk food and seems to give my milk supply a real boost. Keep up the good work.”



“I have been recovering from a nasty bout of mastitis with a very reduced milk supply. I have been eating the freida’s Feeding Food bars and halfway through my antibiotics course, my supply is almost back to normal. I’ve already recommended to other breastfeeding mums. These bars really fill me up and have stopped me craving junk food like sugary treats. As a consequence I have not felt so tired, even though I’m a busy mum.”

Sarah G

“I have been eating the freida’s Feeding Food bars now for a few days and am really enjoying them. I feel they have helped with my milk supply and have definitely been a great snack on the go. I would also say they have helped me maintain my energy levels which is important as I have a very energetic two year old and three month old. I will definitely be buying some more.”

Michelle B

“I had a very difficult labour and a few health issues after giving birth to my baby, as a result I was on a very limited diet of mostly fruit and veg so was only consuming 800-900 calories a day which is not enough for breastfeeding, however I was eating  freida’s Feeding Food which helped with the additional calories and fibre as I needed to be on a high fibre diet and I didn’t have a problem with my milk supply. I think the bars definitely helped me.”



“I constantly leave eating until I’m shaky and need instant results often meaning I grab the wrong things like chocolate bars. freida’s Feeding Food stopped me doing this as they worked really well and provided energy fast.”

Hayley S


“Your bars gave me an energy boost and I didn’t feel as tired in the afternoon as usual. I’ve also stopped craving chocolate as much. I would recommend it to breastfeeding mums who have supply issues.”

Cristina T


“The bars helped increased my supply as I could tell by the speed when I expressed. They have also stopped me snacking on unhealthy food.”

Clare T


“The bars are delicious! With every bite bar was getting tastier and tastier and I really enjoyed it. I got a lot of energy and my milk supply seemed to increase too.”

Elena K


“It’s a great energy boost bar for on the go. I think all Mothers could benefit from having them.”

Shaunna G


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