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I CREATED freida’s Pantry bars to help other mums – and because I needed them myself.

After I suffered a traumatic birth with my youngest son, I was left with a number of health complications and I only managed to eat around 800 calories a day. This ultra-low diet was under a THIRD of the calories new mums normally need to breastfeed, recover from birth and replenish their energy levels. Medical staff warned me I could be in hospital for some time and said I may need to top up breastfeeding with formula milk. 
But I knew otherwise! As I lay weak in the hospital bed, my mother brought in homemade supplies of our traditional family post-birth recipe. And thanks to its natural goodness, I soon felt strong again and had abundant milk supply, so my son and I were discharged in just a couple of days.


My midwife and health visitors were amazed!

As word got out, I started getting other mums asking me to make it to help them, so freida’s Pantry was born!

As I baked, stirring in the nutritious nuts and seeds which make-up the recipes, I began to realise what a privilege it is to help other women through their pregnancies and birth. I could share something very special from our Eastern culture and bring it to other women around the world.

My recipe is truly amazing. Women in the Eastern world have used it for hundreds of years – helping tens of thousands of women enjoy a healthy pregnancy, recover from birth, replenish their energy levels and establish breastfeeding. 
But to make it even better I teamed up with Sarah Wragg, one of the UK’s top family and pregnancy nutritionists, to tailor the bars to Western tastes and make sure every mouthful is good for you and good for baby too. As you’d expect, there are no nasty additives or preservatives. All our bars are handmade in the UK using ethically sourced and wherever possible, organic ingredients too.

Along the way two more mums have joined the freida’s Pantry family – so now we have 8 kids between us.  We cook up each recipe and test every ingredient on ourselves and our big brood of kids, so you can trust it’s the very best it can be.

Being mums ourselves, we’re passionate about bringing you and your baby the best – and about improving the health of babies everywhere. That’s why we also support a number of neo-natal and breastfeeding charities, donating part of our profits each year to help.

But being mums ourselves, we’re also realistic We know it’s not always easy to eat well, and that’s it’s tempting to grab a sugary snack to keep your energy levels up when you’re juggling home, family and work!

So our mission at freida’s Pantry is to keep things simple and support parents and parents-to-be in the easiest way possible. That’s why all our products are handy bite-sized bars that you can pop into your bag, in the car or keep at home for an instant energy boost – meaning there’s no need to reach for an unhealthy option again. 

So now you know a little about us welcome to our family – and we look forward to becoming part of yours.

I’d love to hear from you and how freida’s Feeding Food and Fertile Food has helped you, so please send me an email with your thoughts or suggestions to hello@freidapantry.com

With love,

Sharon x 

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