SHE’S undoubtedly one of the UK’s yummiest mummies, so we were delighted today when actress Helen Flanagan told the world and her 395k followers – she’s enjoying Freyda’s Feeding Food on Instagram.

As a new mum to the scrumptious Matilda, she’s a role model to many and it’s always so positive when famous faces show they are breastfeeding.

Recently we’ve noticed a real movement for more young mums, like Helen, to go the natural not formula route – and the lovely comments on Helen’s page show how much interest there is from mothers in their teens and 20s. So midwives, health visitors and lactation counsellors, you should all be very proud as all your hard work is paying off with a new generation not only knowing breast is best – but acting on it too.

However Helen isn’t our only star fan. We now have a fair few celebs including model mums, Olympic athletes plus some media stars who all use Freyda’s Feeding Food for nourishment in those busy months after giving birth and while nursing. While they are all from very different parts of celeb culture, what connects them all is an interest in nutrition and a desire to do the best thing for their baby.

So while you may not be famous to the public, have thousand of followers on social media or lead a lux celebrity lifestyle, remember your baby is always your number one fan – and who could wish for more than that?


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