What’s the difference between your breastfeeding bars and a lactation cookie? It’s a question we’re often asked, especially by our American customers.

Lactation cookies are big news in the States, where they’re used to help new mums establish breastfeeding and boost low milk supply in nursing mums.

As the name ‘cookie’ suggests, many of the commercially-available recipes rely heavily on added sugar to make up the calories for breastfeeding mums.

Others bulk out the recipes with artificial flavourings, chocolate or even salt.

Some even rely on brewer’s yeast that has been linked to colic in newborn babies.

Now there’s enough scientific research readily available for mums to decide whether a sugary cookie with artificial ingredients is the best food for making their milk supply to feed their precious baby.

So if you’d rather choose a gentler way to complement your breastfeeding, our ‘Freyda’s Feeding Food’ breastfeeding bars have the same effect, but they do it more naturally and in tune with your body.

The recipe for my breastfeeding bar relies on healthy, all-natural ingredients which have been used and trusted by mothers in the Eastern world for generations. I was nursed on it and I’ve breastfed every one of my children on it, so I know it’s safe, gentle and effective – and good for both mother and baby.

Our bars are even recommended by top midwives and maternity nurses, so you’re assured your baby – and your body – will be getting the best.

If you’d like to know more, pop over to our Nutritional Information pages where you can find our full ingredients list.

With love,

Sharon x


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