Our bars contain foods used traditionally in ancient cultures from Roman to Egyptian! The unique mix of ingredients have helped new moms with energy and nursing for thousands of years


Are your bars similar to cereal bars?

No! Many food bars, even those aimed at pregnant and nursing moms, have puffed cereals like rice or rice flour as their main ingredient because its cheap, fills you up and bulks out the bar. Now this is good news for the big food firms as they can charge you lots of cash for not very much. But it’s bad news for your body as it’s not very nutritious. We only use the best, high quality ingredients, and each and every one is there because it’s good for you. Click here (NUTRITIONAL INFO) to find out more.

Is Freyda’s Feeding food different to Nursing tea?

While many of the ingredients are the same, you don’t need boiling water so it’s much safer around babies. Also, many moms who don’t like the strong taste of nursing tea find our bars much more palatable. We use the whole fennel seed in our bars so you receive the nutritional benefits from the oil in the seed and all the other benefits from the various oats, nuts and seeds.

Are your bars fortified?

No. Many fortified foods are so ultra-processed that they have to have goodness injected back in, which is what fortification is. Our bars are naturally nutritious so we simply don’t need to fortify them. The bars contain vitamins and minerals as nature intended.

Should men eat Freyda’s bars!?

Yes anyone can benefit from our bars they are made of a unique mix of ingredients that are a tasty burst of energy.

Do your bars contain galactagogues?

A galactagogue is a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother’s breastmilk. Many of our ingredients were used traditionally in ancient cultures from the Romans and Egyptians, and are popular in modern societies including America and parts of Asia.

Where can you buy the bars?

You can buy now, or visit one of our stockists.

How else can I help my milk supply?

1) Enjoy it! Breastfeeding provides very special bonding time with you and your baby, and memories that will last a lifetime. No matter how hard it seems at first, most moms will be able to breastfeed eventually. Even if your baby only takes a few drops at first, that’s something to be proud of and she is feeling the benefits. When you feel happier and more relaxed, the milk will ‘let down’ better.

2) Get the latch right. This is crucial and you will need help at first to find the best position. Ask your midwife, health visitor or a trusted friend or family member who has breastfed. There are also some helpful videos online (Dr Jack Newman). But getting the latch right is like riding a bike. Once you’ve mastered it, it’s second nature and you’ll never forget.

3) Stay hydrated. Nursing moms need six to eight glasses of water a day.

4) Don’t stick to a feeding schedule. Let your little one suckle on demand as the more you feed, the more milk you’ll make. Offer both breasts but wait until the first one is empty before giving the second. Nurse frequently too.

5) If you can avoid it, try not to give your baby a dummy as occasionally it can mean babies don’t suck so well at the breast.

6) Eat well. They say you are what you eat – and this is even more important when your diet is making your baby’s milk. Avoid ultra processed food with little nutritional value and steer clear of sugary cakes and treats, as they are empty calories. If you eat meat and dairy, choose high quality products and try nutritious nuts and seeds as a nutrient-packed snack. You need a minimum of 1,800 calories each day while you are lactating so this isn’t the time to go on a diet.

7) Using a breast pump in-between feeds is a good way to help stimulate your milk supply.

8) Massage. Many moms swear by gently massaging the breast as they feed as it helps babies get the calorie-rich hind milk towards the end of a feed.

9) And if you are still struggling there is lots of help available. Try the nationalbreastfeedinghelpline.org.uk and the Association of Breastfeeding mothers on http://abm.me.uk

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