WE’VE been asked a few times recently ‘why is Freyda’s Feeding Food more expensive than other cereal bars or mum supplement bars on the market?’ The answer quite simply is because we’re NOT a cereal or supplement bar – and we do things very differently to the big name food manufacturers who make them.

1) Firstly, our bars aren’t made of cereal! Most food bars – even those aimed at pregnant and breastfeeding mums – have puffed rice and rice flour as their main ingredient because its cheap, fills you up and bulks out the bar. Now this is good news for the big food firms as they can charge you lots of cash for not very much. But it’s bad news for your body as it’s not very nutritious.

2) Secondly, we don’t add glucose syrup.  Some pregnancy and breastfeeding products have glucose syrup as one of their main ingredients. Known in the food industry as ‘the crack of sweeteners’ it’s manufactured from maize and used in place of normal cane or beet sugar as it’s cheaper. It contains around the same number of calories as sugar, but it is thought that the body doesn’t metabolise the syrup in the same way as sugar and that this can lead to weight gain. The Times newspaper recently dubbed it ‘the Devil’s Candy’ and parenting site Netmums have it as a family food nasty to avoid. In contrast, the ingredients in our bars are bound together with a tiny dollop of natural Golden Syrup which is made from traditional cane or beet sugar, and widely used in home baking. We worked with a top family nutritionist who assures us this is the most natural and lowest sugar option available and the best for your body.

3) Thirdly, there’s no filler in Freyda’s Feeding Food! Based on a traditional recipe used in the Eastern world for hundreds of years, every ingredient counts. Each bar has a nutrient-rich mix of natural oats, nuts and seeds. The ingredients are all known galactagogues which may help with nursing mums’ milk supply, as well as being both delicious and nutritious.

4) And fourthly, because our bars are made from such good stuff, we don’t need to add or artificially fortify our bars with vitamins. Our bars are naturally packed with vitamins and minerals already, as every ingredient is wholesome and delivered to you straight from Mother Nature. We don’t market our bars as a supplement and we don’t try to frighten mums into believing they can replace healthy eating. Rather they’re a good option for busy mums on the go who need a quick boost or a treat they can pop into the baby’s changing bag when they’re out and about. It’s that simple!

5) And finally, as you’d expect, there are no nasty additives or preservatives. All our bars are handmade in UK using ethically sourced and wherever possible, organic ingredients too. Oh, and we’re a team of mums who test each ingredient and every recipe for a bar on ourselves and our big brood of kids. We’re certainly not a faceless multinational company only interested in profits, we’re interested in you and your family!

So yes, our bars cost a few pence more – but you’re buying a totally different product. And a product that’s better for you, your baby and the planet. We think they’re the breast bar none! Like to try them and see if you agree? Drop us a line at hello@freydapantry.com and we’ll pop some in the post to you for free.

Thank you for reading,




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