According to a new study the sweet treat is the most common items Brits will quit in 2016 for the 40-day fast, followed by social media!

But giving up chocolate isn’t always easy, as it’s also the food we’re most likely to crave, with a whopping 97 per cent of women and 67 per cent of men saying they’ve experienced a strong need to eat it.

So if you’re determined to cut down or cut out the choc, our Freyda’s Pantry heath food bars can help.

Lots of our mums say eating our natural food bars has helped control their chocolate cravings while pregnant, and they’re also a better way to get the extra calories you need while breastfeeding, than reaching for chocolate, biscuits and cakes.

Here’s what mum Kerrie S told us: “I need to reorder again! I don’t reach for the chocolate bars and defo have lots more energy and supply.”

And new mum Maxine agreed, saying: “I received my order today and just eaten my first bar. Delicious! I’ve decided to replace my afternoon treat of chocolate hobnobs with these instead and have made another order.”

So how do our bars help? Well, unlike cheap cereal bars commonly found on supermarket shelves, we don’t use any fillers like puffed rice or wheat. Every ingredient in our bars is there to do you good – and because of this you’ll find they fill you up more than cheaper products.

The bars are packed with tummy satisfying protein, plus lots of delicious flavours straight from nature’s larder, including Goji Berries, Maca Seeds, Quinoa, Almonds, Flaxseed and raisins. After a few mouthfuls of these, you may well find you don’t want the artificial taste of sugary chocolate after all.

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, check out our special offer in our website shop. You can pick up our bars from just £1.10 each – and lose Lbs in the process if you drop the choc!

With love,

Sharon and the Freyda’s Pantry Team

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