I created Freyda’s Pantry bars to help other moms and because I needed them myself!
After the birth of my third son I was left with a number of health complications and I only managed to eat around 800 calories a day. This ultra low diet was under a THIRD of the calories new moms normally need to breastfeed, recover from birth and replenish their energy levels. Health professionals warned I may need to top up breastfeeding with formula milk. But my mom knew otherwise! She bought me handmade supplies of a traditional eastern post-birth recipe, and thanks to its natural goodness I soon felt stronger and had abundant milk supply!
My midwife was amazed! I wanted to share this eastern food with women around the world. Women in India and other parts of the eastern world had used this food for hundreds of years, helping tens of thousands of women to recover from birth, replenish their energy levels and establish breastfeeding. I teamed up with a top nutritionist to ensure every mouthful is good for you and baby too! As you would expect our bars don’t contain any nasty additives, preservatives or GMO’s. All our bars are handmade with ingredients that are ethically sourced. 
Sharon Kaur


"Our moms really find these bars help their milk."

Neighbour Midwives, UK Birth Centres

"Both Harry and I absolutely love them, I found them particularly yummy & nutritious to snack on as breastfeeding makes me so hungry! Congratulations on your yummy bars and thank you for looking after all the new parents."

Izzy Judd, Wife of Harry Judd (Drummer in McFly)


freyda’S FEEDING FOOD (Flax & Fennel)

Recommended by top midwives and maternity consultants, these wholesome bars are packed with nourishing nuts and seeds, making them the perfect ‘food for the fourth trimester’ to recover from giving birth and for breastfeeding moms.


You are what you eat, our nutrient dense bars are power-packed with natural nuts and seeds and super foods Maca & Chia known to be beneficial during pre-pregnancy and for new moms looking for a tasty energy boost!

Super Charged Food (Goji & Fennel)

A LITTLE slice of health in your hand, Freyda’s Super Charged Food is the healthy way to power through your day. Suitable for anyone looking to eat well, the Super Charged bars are a natural boost your body and tummy will love!


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WHY our bars are different…

WE’VE been asked a few times recently ‘why is Freyda’s Feeding Food more expensive than other cereal bars or mum supplement bars on the market?’ The answer quite simply is because we’re NOT a cereal or supplement bar - and we do things very differently to the big name...

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